Die Altstadt Kaleici

The old town of Kaleici

The small historical part of Kaleiçi, also known as the Old Town of Antalya, is located in the center of this huge modern city. Kaleiçi can be entered through Hadrian’s Gate. This gate is one of the best protected historical buildings in Antalya. This building from the Roman period was built in 130 AD. Built in the name of the Roman emperor Hadrian. Karaalioğlu Park is also one of the most important places in Kaleiçi. Karaalioğlu Park has a total area of 140,000 square meters. In the park, 3 streets run parallel to each other and are located northwest of the sea. There are three viewing platforms at the end of these roads. Karaalioğlu Park reflects the rich flora and fauna of Antalya with many species of trees, plants, flowers and birds.


Hadrian Kapisi (Hadrian Gate)

Hadrian’s Gate was built in 130 AD in honor of a visit of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. It is the only surviving entrance to the old town of Antalya from ancient times. Hadrian’s Gate is richly decorated with ornaments and looks more like a Roman triumphal arch than a gate. It consists of three arches. Towers built in the 2nd century BC frame the archways on the right and left.



The harbour is one of the busiest places in Antalya. On one side there are hundreds of ships ready to sail and on the other side you will find restaurants and stores and souvenir stores that invite you to store.


Archaeological Museum

Antalya Museum was founded in 1922 by teacher Suleyman Fikri Erten to protect the artifacts saved from the looting of the occupying forces in the region after the I. World War. World War I. The museum, which was first located in the Alaaddin Mosque in Kaleiçi and later in the Yivli Minare Mosque, was moved to its current building in 1972. Today it consists of 14 exhibition halls with an area of 30,000 m2. There are exhibits of Yörüken nomads, Romans, Crusaders and Ottomans to see. Besides these, there are many other museums in Antalya.



Antalya Aquarium is one of the largest aquarium complexes in the world , offering inspiration, entertainment and education together. In addition to 40 thematic aquariums, the largest tunnel aquarium in the world with a length of 131 meters and a width of 3 meters awaits you at Antalya Aquarium Located in the heart of Antalya, right in the city center, just 70 meters from Konyaaltı Beach, Antalya Aquarium is Antalya’s liveliest attraction!


Bazaars and markets

The bazaar quarter is located in the north of the old town. It is partly laid out according to the pattern of old oriental bazaars. The stalls offer a wide variety of goods and services. Craftsmen have their stalls in the narrow alleys as well as sellers of modern industrial products. Souvenirs are cheaper to buy in the bazaar than in the old town. Bargaining is part of the good tone.

There are many bazaars and markets in Antalya.

Those who have visited the museum or the old town of Antalya, can immediately afterwards visit the bazaar at the clock tower Since 2007, there is a new people’s bazaar near the Atatürk monument. It is cleaner and clearer than the old market and offers plenty of space for shopping.


Düden waterfall in Antalya Lara

On the cliffs of Antalya, near Lara, the waters of the Düden Waterfall cascade down into the sea. The unique natural experience can be visited from land and water.

The Düden falls 10km north of the cliffs already once in a small forest area within Antalya a 10m high waterfall down. The park includes a picnic area, some nice restaurants, tea gardens and as a highlight a cave directly behind the upper Düden waterfall. If you are looking for a good place to cool off on hot days in the summer, head to the upper Düden waterfall.



The ancient city of Perge near Antalya, is one of the largest and most popular historical sites in the region.Perge is located 16 kilometers northeast of Antalya in Aksu. Perge was the most important city next to Side and at times the main city of Pamphylia. In ancient times Perge was also known as a sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Artemis. A son of the city was Apollonius, a mathematician and astronomer who gave the ellipse, the parabola and the hyperbola the names by which we know them.



The ancient fortified city of Termossos is located about 30 km northwest of Antalya at an altitude of about 1,000 m below Mount Sloymos (Güllük Dağı).

Termessos is one of the best preserved historical sites in Turkey and is a place full of tranquility due to its seclusion in the mountains.

The city was already mentioned by Homer, who praised the fortitude of the city and soldiers.


Kursunlu waterfalls

Die Kursunlu Wasserfälle liegen ca.  40 km nordöstlich von Antalya, nördlich der sehenswerten Ruinenstadt Perge.

The water masses form a natural lake landscape teeming with trout, turtles and other aquatic animals. The extended walk along the course of the river allows constantly changing impressions and offers the hobby photographer multi-layered motifs in a naturally left landscape.

Enjoy the foaming masses of water in this magnificent natural setting, cascading in impressive cascades over a total height of eighteen meters, creating a lake landscape in a variety of blue and turquoise hues.

On your tour, besides the big one, encounter many small waterfalls, rapids and pools.



The best preserved Roman-built amphitheater in the world is located 45 kilometers east of Antalya. It was built in the 2nd century AD during the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. The theater has a capacity of 15,000 people and is still used for performances and festivals. Its galleries, stage decorations and acoustics testify to the success of the architect Xeno. Next to the stage is a small hall used as a museum, where you can see some of the masks and clay tablets from ancient times.



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